Walter S. Zapotoczny Jr.

Historian - Freelance Writer
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Essays -
President Porfirio Diaz: A Major Cause of the Mexican Revolution of 1910

Social Causes of the Chinese Revolution
The Ecological Damage Inflicted on Central Asia by Russian Rule
The Financial Crisis that Contributed to the French Revolution
The Impact of the Industrial Revolution on Warfare
   The Influence of the Young Turks Revolution on the Politics of the
       Balkans and the Middle East
When Slogans Aren't Enough: The Bolsheviks Come Up With Ways to
       Keep the Revolution Going
The Rise of Somali Piracy
Constantine's Influence on Christian Historiography
Macedonians Impact on Eurasia
The Evolution of Historiography in the Greek Civilization
     The Iliad and the Odyssey: Shapers of the Future
World War I
National Pride and National Positioning Made World War I Inevitable
Nationalism and World War I in Europe
The Use of Poison Gas in World War I and the Effect on Society
World War I Policy and Strategy: Ends and Means
World War II
Breakout From the Hedgerows: A Lesson in Ingenuity 
Rulers of the World: Hitler Youth
Special Motivation: The Motivation and Actions of the Einsatzgruppen
The Battle of the Surigao Strait: The Last Crossing of the "T"
The Rape of Nanking: Reasons and Recrimination
The Soviet Formula for Success in World War II
America's Paradoxical Trinity: WWII and Vietnam
Military Leadership, Philosophy, Strategy and Tactics
Hitler's Leadership Style: The Undoing of Germany
Special Operations: A Way Ahead
Strategic Events and Technological Developments of Air Power
       That Changed the Accuracy of War
Sun Tzu Compared to Clausewitz
Sun Tzu and Clausewitz Applied to War at Sea
The Evolution of German Military Strategy and Tactics: 1914-1945
The Work of Bismarck in Unifying Germany
The Success of the Deutches Afrika Korps was Based on Rommel's
The Political and Social Consequences of the Black Death, 1348-1351
The Western World was saved at the Battle of Chalons, 451 AD
The "CNN" Effect
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